Video Game Tips for People Short on Money

You've already bought your video game console and spend hundreds of dollars, and maybe you've begun to realize how expensive it can be to play video games. Perhaps you've begun borrowing games on Red Box to try to save money, except for the fact that Red Box isn't exactly cheap either if you want to keep your games for any length of time. And like many people, perhaps you've tried exchanging games with friends. But if you've tried this, you probably already know that your friends might not have the games you want to begin with, and some friends are less than reliable when it comes to returning things they have borrowed.


So where does that leave you? Fortunately for you, I have found a solution that just might work. It's called Gamefly, and it's an online service that lets you borrow video games without any restrictions. That means there is no deadline to return the games, no penalties. You can keep the games you borrow for months or even years if you so desire. And the monthly fee is pretty cheap, all things considered. I got started with Gamefly by using the free trial offer, available from coupon websites and other places on the web. I recommend you do the same if you want to try out this absolutely first rate game rental service.


If you are an avid video game collector and don't think you can give that up. Here are some tips to help you save money.