Why photoshopping is not a smart thing to do

I just hate seeing magazine covers and seeing people who have perfect complexion and no physical flaws whatsoever. It's a common sight in this day and age. Now, I wouldn’t have any problem with someone being a perfect human specimen if that is in fact what they are. But nine times out of ten, they look the way they do because their images have been photoshopped in a big way. Welcome to the modern age of digital photo-editing.


Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love photoshop. I used to use it for work and still use it quite a bit to edit the photos I take. But I dare say that the program is being rampantly abused these days. There are even tutorials online about how to clear away any blemishes you have on your skin. In my opinion, it is dumb to photoshop photos since you are just creating unrealistic standards that nobody can live up to in real life. It may be a harmless practice if you do it in moderation, but we've gotten to a point where every photo is doctored in a way that makes the end result a rank misrepresentation. Such photo are everywhere. On magazine and even in your personal photo collection where you might have printed out a photoshoped image on an inkjet printer.


Fortunately, photoshop is on the pricey side, and this keeps a lid on how much it’s used by ordinary folk. Having said that, each generation becomes more and more computer savvy, and complex programs like photoshop are much more accessible to people than say, a decade ago. Moreover, people are creating facebook pages and blogs, and becoming much more knowledgeable about graphic design. Such developments ensure that photoshopping will be here to stay, well into the future. To make matters worse, there are books, articles, and even video courses teaching you how to 'edit' photos using photoshop.


To see photo doctoring in action, take a look at this video:



A minimal amount of photo-editing to adjust lighting, etc., is definitely appropriate. Usually, your digital camera will come with software that is sufficient for making such edits. For sure, you want to make the photo as good as it can be before sending it off to be printed. This is especially true if you are using the photo for a greeting card or some other purpose where many people will be viewing it. Which reminds me, if you do a lot of printing for things like greeting cards you can buy high quality ink at a great price by going to a cheap online ink store called Inkfarm. You can even get inkfarm coupons, discounts, and promo codes as well.


Bottom line: photo-editing is fine, but don’t go overboard and photoshop your pictures.