Why I think Volcano is a Great E-cigarette Company


Every e-cigarette user is on a perpetual quest to find the best e-cigarette. And while some may come close to a setup they are happy with, for the most of us, there is always something missing. To make things worse, we often have to mix and match different components from different companies. This can often help you achieve near results, but it does not come without risk. For example, if you recharge a battery with a charger from a different maker, this cause often cause problems. In a best case scenario, your battery may not charge completely. But in other cases, you may even damage the battery and render it unusable as a result.


This is exactly why I have always favored trying to purchase all your e-cigarettes, tanks, cartomizers, and accessories from a single company. Not only is this more convenient, it can frequently save you money if you use coupons and order in bulk. That's what I do with a company called Volcano Ecigs. But most importantly, buying all your e-cigarette products from the same business ensure compatibility and safety. And safety cannot be overemphasized, given that in worst case scenarios, an e-cigarette can explode, thus causing not just damage but injury as well.


Having tried many different E-cigarette products, there are two companies that have consistently stood out for me. Those two companies are Halo Cigs, and Volcano Ecigs, which I mentioned earlier. At the current time, I favor Volcano Ecigs by a small margin because they are cheaper. I am able to find quite a few Volcano Ecig coupons and promo codes on the web, and they seem to be available on a fairly consistent basis. Halo does offer its share of coupons are well, but in my experience they have not been as generous. Of course, if cost is not a major concern for you, then you can pick whichever company you like.


I don't want to sound superficial, but the appearance of an e-cigarette matters to me. If you think about it, an e-cigarette is something you're likely to carry with you everywhere. What's more, if you are a chain vaper, it will become like a permanent accessory. Do you want that accessory to have an unpleasant appearance? Of course not. That's why I use the appearance of an e-cigarette as one of the criteria to consider. Fortunately, both Halo and Volcano offer products that are visually appealing in many different colors. This allows you to look good while having enough choices to customize how your e-cigarette setup looks.