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1. Is there a minimum for fabric orders?
The minimum quantity for a cut of fabric is ½ yard. This store only sells fabric in increments of ½ yard.  

2. What kind of fabric do you carry?
The majority of fabrics we carry are medium weight cotton, commonly referred to as quilter's cotton. Our quilting cotton fabrics are suitable for apparel, bags and some home décor projects. Many of our Japanese imported fabrics are a cotton linen blend and are slightly heavier in weight (home décor weight). This weight of fabric is good for any project that requires a bit more structure – handbags, home décor and clothing.  

3. How wide is the fabric?
All of our fabric is 44/45" wide unless otherwise noted. Standard fabric cuts include:

½ yard = 18" x 44" (46cm x 112cm)
1 full yard = 36" x 44" (92cm x 112cm)


4. How is fabric priced?
Our fabrics are priced for one full yard (36 inches or 92 cm). If you enter “1” in your shopping cart, you will receive a piece of fabric that is 1 yard (36" x 44" or 92cm x 112cm).


5. Can I order less than a yard?
Yes, simply enter your quantity as a decimal. The shopping cart will automatically update the price and weight of the item. The minimum quantity for a cut of fabric is ½ yard. This store only sells fabric in increments of ½ yard.


6. When will my order ship?
Most orders are packaged the same day, or next if the order is placed later in the afternoon. We guarantee that your shipment will go out within 3 business days of receiving payment from you. In the rare event that you purchase a print that has just sold out, we will notify you as soon as possible. For most orders, we use UPS.


7. Do you ship internationally?
Yes we do! We have lots of creative customers all around the world. See our shipping page for more information.


8. What is a fat quarter and do you sell them? 
A fat quarter is a one-fourth yard cut of fabric that usually measures 18" x 22" (46 cm x 55.88 cm) instead of the typical 9"x 44" (22.86 cm x 112 cm) quarter-yard cut. A fat quarter offers more versatility as it allows the designer to cut larger chunks of fabric than would be possible from a regular quarter-yard. We do not sell fat quarters individually in this store but we do sell them in bundles.


9. What types of payment do you accept? 
We accept Visa, Mastercard and PayPal. If you would like to pay for purchases with a credit card that is not Visa or Mastercard, PayPal offers users the ability to do so.

Buyers in Canada will be charged all applicable taxes.


10. Do you offer bulk discounts? 
Yes we do! We offer 5 - 15% off purchases $50+. Most stores give discounts if you buy the entire bolt but we understand that you may not need 15 yards of the same fabric. Shop with a friend or sewing club and save more too!

Fabrics on sale also qualify for this offer. You can read more here about our Buy More, Save More program or contact us if you have any questions.


Why I think Volcano is a Great E-cigarette Company


Every e-cigarette user is on a perpetual quest to find the best e-cigarette. And while some may come close to a setup they are happy with, for the most of us, there is always something missing. To make things worse, we often have to mix and match different components from different companies. This can often help you achieve near results, but it does not come without risk. For example, if you recharge a battery with a charger from a different maker, this cause often cause problems. In a best case scenario, your battery may not charge completely. But in other cases, you may even damage the battery and render it unusable as a result.


This is exactly why I have always favored trying to purchase all your e-cigarettes, tanks, cartomizers, and accessories from a single company. Not only is this more convenient, it can frequently save you money if you use coupons and order in bulk. That's what I do with a company called Volcano Ecigs. But most importantly, buying all your e-cigarette products from the same business ensure compatibility and safety. And safety cannot be overemphasized, given that in worst case scenarios, an e-cigarette can explode, thus causing not just damage but injury as well.


Having tried many different E-cigarette products, there are two companies that have consistently stood out for me. Those two companies are Halo Cigs, and Volcano Ecigs, which I mentioned earlier. At the current time, I favor Volcano Ecigs by a small margin because they are cheaper. I am able to find quite a few Volcano Ecig coupons and promo codes on the web, and they seem to be available on a fairly consistent basis. Halo does offer its share of coupons are well, but in my experience they have not been as generous. Of course, if cost is not a major concern for you, then you can pick whichever company you like.


I don't want to sound superficial, but the appearance of an e-cigarette matters to me. If you think about it, an e-cigarette is something you're likely to carry with you everywhere. What's more, if you are a chain vaper, it will become like a permanent accessory. Do you want that accessory to have an unpleasant appearance? Of course not. That's why I use the appearance of an e-cigarette as one of the criteria to consider. Fortunately, both Halo and Volcano offer products that are visually appealing in many different colors. This allows you to look good while having enough choices to customize how your e-cigarette setup looks.


Why photoshopping is not a smart thing to do

I just hate seeing magazine covers and seeing people who have perfect complexion and no physical flaws whatsoever. It's a common sight in this day and age. Now, I wouldn’t have any problem with someone being a perfect human specimen if that is in fact what they are. But nine times out of ten, they look the way they do because their images have been photoshopped in a big way. Welcome to the modern age of digital photo-editing.


Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love photoshop. I used to use it for work and still use it quite a bit to edit the photos I take. But I dare say that the program is being rampantly abused these days. There are even tutorials online about how to clear away any blemishes you have on your skin. In my opinion, it is dumb to photoshop photos since you are just creating unrealistic standards that nobody can live up to in real life. It may be a harmless practice if you do it in moderation, but we've gotten to a point where every photo is doctored in a way that makes the end result a rank misrepresentation. Such photo are everywhere. On magazine and even in your personal photo collection where you might have printed out a photoshoped image on an inkjet printer.


Fortunately, photoshop is on the pricey side, and this keeps a lid on how much it’s used by ordinary folk. Having said that, each generation becomes more and more computer savvy, and complex programs like photoshop are much more accessible to people than say, a decade ago. Moreover, people are creating facebook pages and blogs, and becoming much more knowledgeable about graphic design. Such developments ensure that photoshopping will be here to stay, well into the future. To make matters worse, there are books, articles, and even video courses teaching you how to 'edit' photos using photoshop.


To see photo doctoring in action, take a look at this video:



A minimal amount of photo-editing to adjust lighting, etc., is definitely appropriate. Usually, your digital camera will come with software that is sufficient for making such edits. For sure, you want to make the photo as good as it can be before sending it off to be printed. This is especially true if you are using the photo for a greeting card or some other purpose where many people will be viewing it. Which reminds me, if you do a lot of printing for things like greeting cards you can buy high quality ink at a great price by going to a cheap online ink store called Inkfarm. You can even get inkfarm coupons, discounts, and promo codes as well.


Bottom line: photo-editing is fine, but don’t go overboard and photoshop your pictures.


Finding a compatible life partner

life partners

I've been watching Bachelor in Paradise, and when you get past all the drama on the show, it becomes clear that the majority of people on the show want one thing, which is to find true love. But issues usually arise because you can never really know someone well until you spend a lot of time with them. Only then do you finally begin to understand whether or not you are truly compatible with another human being. This has been the way it is for thousands of years. And perhaps that is why the pursuit of love has always led to so much heartache for so many people.


But there is good news. I actually believe the Internet is providing groundbreaking new ways to find a potential love interest. And the lack of information about a partner, which was one of the main hurdles that stood in the way of relationships in the past, is no longer a factor. In the past, you had to spend countless hours with another person until you knew a lot about them. Today, you can acquire quite a bit of information about someone by simply looking at their social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


But if you want to take things a step further, there is also eharmony. This is a great dating site that is easy to try out due to the free trial offer. You can get the direct link here. With eharmony, you can fill out a long form with questions that get to the core of what your personality is like. Upon completing the forms, you will be matched up with other people who have done likewise. In this way, the system is able to find you a match, which is based on important personality traits. From there, you can learn more about your matches by reading the match's profile or by communicating with them via instant messages.


More about Eharmony

young girl datingIn my last article, I mentioned eharmony briefly. Today, I would like to expand a bit on this service. As you probably already know, eharmony is among the more popular websites that are used by people interested in online dating. It is especially popular amongst people who are serious about love and looking for a long term relationship or even marriage. It is said that more women sign up for eharmony than men. This is actually the opposite of what tends to happen with dating sites in general. For the most part, the men outnumber the women. But with eharmony, this is not the case. This can be good news for any men who are interested in joining eharmony. On the other hand, your goals need to align with other people on the site in order for things to work out.


The good news is that eharmony handles that part for you. Long known as the compatibility dating site, eharmony will use its algorithm to find the ideal match for you. All you need to do is review your matches and decide whom you'd like to communicate with. If you don't like any of your matches, all you need to do is wait, since new matches are sent to you every couple of days, or even daily, depending on how many matches the system finds. You'll get a better idea of how things work if you use an online dating free trial from eharmony, which allows you to try the site for an unlimited time, with a number of restrictions in place.


So how does the system work, exactly? It boils down to a test that you take when you first join the site. Make no mistake, the test is quite long. I think it took me close to an hour to complete it. Some people, however, may finish the test in 30 minutes or less. But one thing you need to remember is that the test will be used to match you with people who might end up being the love of your life. So it's a good idea to take it slow and answer each question with a certain amount of care.


The one frustrating thing is that you only receive one or two matches per day. On some days, you may not receive matches at all. This means that if you are someone who wants quick results, eharmony's system may feel too slow for you. But while it does require a great deal of patience, it is good to remember than when compared to the vast majority of other dating sites, eharmony tends to get better results. It is a well known fact in the dating community that eharmony is responsible for more marriages than anyone else. Several eharmony commercials point this out as well. Therefore, if you don't mind taking a bit of time, eharmony may just pay off for you. Nothing great is accomplished overnight, and online dating is best approached with the same mindset.


Video Game Tips for People Short on Money

You've already bought your video game console and spend hundreds of dollars, and maybe you've begun to realize how expensive it can be to play video games. Perhaps you've begun borrowing games on Red Box to try to save money, except for the fact that Red Box isn't exactly cheap either if you want to keep your games for any length of time. And like many people, perhaps you've tried exchanging games with friends. But if you've tried this, you probably already know that your friends might not have the games you want to begin with, and some friends are less than reliable when it comes to returning things they have borrowed.


So where does that leave you? Fortunately for you, I have found a solution that just might work. It's called Gamefly, and it's an online service that lets you borrow video games without any restrictions. That means there is no deadline to return the games, no penalties. You can keep the games you borrow for months or even years if you so desire. And the monthly fee is pretty cheap, all things considered. I got started with Gamefly by using the free trial offer, available from coupon websites and other places on the web. I recommend you do the same if you want to try out this absolutely first rate game rental service.


If you are an avid video game collector and don't think you can give that up. Here are some tips to help you save money.




Business Printing Decisions

One thing a lot of businesses must do is print different materials to promote their business. Doing this can frequently cost a lot of money. First, the businesses in question needs to come up with the graphic design and the copy for the piece, which can both cost a lot of money if professionals are involved. On top of that, the printing must be performed by a professional printing company if you want good outcomes. This means working with a local printing service or hiring an online company such as Vistaprint. The cost goes down per unit if you place a large order, but the small businesses suffer the most, given that they usually order a relatively small number of printed items, driving up the per unit cost quite a bit. These costs however, are deemed necessary by most businesses. After all, brochures, business cards, and stationery are largely viewed as fundamental products every business must have in order to operate and promote itself effectively.


logoOn the other hand, there are an entire host of items that business skimp on, as part of an attempt to reduce costs. These items include things such as checks, packaging materials, and bags. While it is perfectly understandable for people to attempt to cut expenses, you only want to do this with a full understanding of what the consequences might be for your business. Take business checks, for instance. You can get some great looking, quality checks from companies like Deluxe Checks Corporation. By using coupons, you can typically get a pretty good deal, and Deluxe's products are second to none. Nevertheless, may people often opt for less expensive checking products. This can be a serious mistake, not just for checks but for many other printed products. But let's stick with checks for the moment. A badly printed check can appear amateurish and tarnish the image of your business or corporation. Perception is very important for a business, and you need to ask yourself, do you want to give the perception that your business is cheap or unprofessional? Customers who think of your business won't be coming back. And perhaps more importantly, a check that is not secure can subject you to the ill effects of all kinds of fraud. This can end up hurting your business and costing you a lot of money to repair. It's best to protect yourself with good prevention, which is possible when you use high security checks from Deluxe or a similar corporation with a good reputation. As you can see, the obvious printing decisions such as business cards and flyers are relatively easy to make. But what is often overlooked are the other types of printing that many people cut corners on. But it is my belief that you need to be equally careful when making decisions on printing needs that may, at first glance, appear to be less important. You've probably spent a lot of time and money getting your business up and running. Trying to save money can be an admirable effort, be just make sure you think through the ramifications before making up your mind on how to proceed with things like checks and packaging.




Perfume FAQs

Wearing perfume or eau de toilette is perhaps the easiest way to make your presence more appealing. It is my opinion that just about everyone should be using a fragrance of some sort. But how do you go about buying and testing fragrances? This article will address some of the frequently asked questions when it comes to trying out a perfume or fragrance.



1. How should I store my perfumes?
Perfume is sensitive to temperature so it's important that you store them in the proper way. Dark, dry, and cool places are ideal. If you live in a particularly warm climate, you may wish to store your perfumes in the refridgerator during the summer. However, for most people, it is not necessary to take such drastic measures. Simply storing the perfume in a cabinet under the sink will suffice for most people. You can keep them stored for three to five years before the perfume goes bad.


2. Should I change my perfume often or stay with one that I like?

This is very much a matter of personal preference. Some people like to change things up frequently, while others would rather stick to a proven commodity. One thing to consider is that temperatures can affect perfumes. For instance, the fragrances generally become less intense in cold weather. For this reason, you may with to wear eau de toilette in the summer and eau de parfum during the winter. You can buy popular eau de parfum and eau de toilette at online fragrance stores like Affinity Mart.


3. Why does the perfume smell differently on me as compared to another person?

It's important to keep in mind that everyone has a different skin chemistry, which can affect the way a perfume smells. This means that just because you wear the same perfume as another person, you may not necessarily smell the same way. There could be suble or even quite noticeable differences in the scent. For this, reason, it is important to test perfumes on yourself and not on other people.


4. Where should I apply the perfume?

You will want to apply the perfume at pulse points. Common places include the wrists, behind the ears and behind the knees. The pulse helps intensify the scents and that is why it is recommended that you spray the areas where your pulses are. Never apply the perfume directly to clothes or jewelry as it can cause some unwanted damage or discoloration.